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Kapela Fund 1 - acquisition of           

 i) the acquisition of 13% of Marsh SA in December 2012 plus 12% in November 2018;

ii) 25,1% of SPX Flow Technology SA and 25% of Zensar Technologies SA both announced            in September 2013;

iii) 30% of Oasys Innovations announced in October 2013;

iv) the acquisition of 20% of BPSA announced in November 2014;

v) 26% in Tuv Sud acquired in September 2015;

vi) 25,1% in SMEC South Africa, acquired in February 2017;

vii) acquisition of KLT SA, effective from March 2017;

SMEC SA Properties - acquisition of

25.1 % equity stake and 5 properties in partnership with Kapela Fund 1 with

effect from April 2018

En commandite Partnerships